Amwood Model Home Program

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

By Jonas Bock

BradentonIn the competitive world of home building, a furnished model home is not just a showcase – it’s a strategic asset that boosts profitability. Successful builders use a model home as a business strategy and are rewarded with numerous benefits.

Solid Business Strategy

A furnished model home does not cost you; it pays you because the key outcome of a model home is increased net profit.

Builder Benefits

A model home delivers an enhanced buyer experience and visualization tool by:

  1. Allowing buyers to easily see and inspect your craftsmanship.
  2. You can simplify the “Closing the sale” process and lead to more frequent sales.
  3. You are also able to add another level of professionalism that will differentiate you from the competition in your region.
  4. The last benefit of a model home is that you can increase your profit per home by highlighting features and options that prospective clients would want in their home, and incorporate them in at a higher margin.

Amwood Rebate Program

We take pride in rewarding our builders and created the single-family Model Home Rebate Program just for you. When a builder participates in the program, we reimburse them for up to one percent of their Model Home’s net package price EACH MONTH.

For example, let’s say you purchase a $150,000 model home package and keep that model home for one year. Your net from the model home would be $1,500 per month which would total $18,000 for the year!

Still not convinced about the benefits of a model home?  We talked with other builders in our system and here’s what one of them had to say about the program:

“A model home pays for itself in the long run.  We can directly attribute 2 new home sales to
the Model Home Program.”

~ Michael Mack, Owner of Corinth Homes

Contact your Regional Sales Manager with any questions you may have about how to start working on a model home, or how to sign up for the Amwood Model Home Rebate Program.