10 Ways to Generate Leads

Thursday, December 14, 2023

There’s a lot of money to be made in home building, but only if you have enough leads to convert to sales. To generate leads many builders rely solely on their reputation in the marketplace or word-of-mouth advertising. While these are excellent tools in your belt the most successful builders actively pursue leads. How can you actively pursue leads? Here are a few ways to pursue leads to help keep your pipeline full.

1. Dedicate Time to Prospecting

Many builders value the time spent swinging a hammer over the time spent looking for prospective buyers. Often builders fall into the pattern of prospecting a good lead or two and then shifting their entire focus onto those one or two customers to complete the sale/build process. After that, they find themselves back at square one looking for prospects. Consistent, ongoing prospecting would break them out of that cycle and give them a steady supply of prospects and the opportunity to close more sales, build more homes, and make more money.

2. Network, Network, Network

Friends and family are the easiest people to do business with. Just let everyone know you are a Home Builder. While this is a good place to start, it’s not a one-time event. You have to remind your network that you’re available to help them build a new home time and time again, without being annoying, of course. It is imperative to reach out to your sphere of influence regularly, to stay on the top of their minds.

3. Social Media Can Be Your Friend

Use platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to spread the word about your company and what you can do. Share short videos and photos of your builds. Don’t use these platforms? Then find someone who does. There are plenty of companies that offer help, and younger family members may be willing to help. Even local colleges with marketing students in need of internship hours could be a cost-effective resource. Tag Amwood on Facebook and we will share your photos and videos as well!

4. Follow up

Follow up on every lead and be persistent. Successful home builders are relentless about following up on their leads. Typically, contact with a prospect rarely happens on the first attempt. You may need to make multiple calls to make contact with a lead. Keeping notes on prospects makes you more memorable in your follow-up. For example, if they’ve mentioned a need for aging in place, or a need for a separate place for extended family, keeping this information on file will give you an edge over other builders when you make contact with the prospect again.

5. Appointments

At initial contact focus your efforts on scheduling the first appointment/meeting. This is the sales pipeline input over which you have control and the activity that is most likely to lead to the new builds.

6. Branding/Brand Recognition

Spend the time and money to get your brand out there in the community and get recognized. Whether it is branding your vehicles & trailers, giving your employee’s company work wear, giving your friends and family company swag, or using yard signs at all your job sites.

7. Operate and Market a Model Home

Potential homeowners want the tactile experience to give them an idea of what your product looks like. Operating and advertising a “Model Home” will set you apart from your competition. Potential homeowners will equate the model home you operate as a validation of your business and its success. HOLD ONTO THAT MODEL HOME for at least 12 months. Many builders fall into the pattern of building and starting to operate a model home. The model home produces a few sales, and then an offer to sell the model home comes in. The builder thinks I’m busy, this is an easy sale, so they are selling their model home. You then have lost the lead-generating effect of the model home and are back to looking for prospects. Once you’ve started operating a model home start the immediate process of planning for the next. Having the next model home preplanned allows you to pivot quickly as trends change.

8. Reach Out to Large Local Employers

Do you have any large companies in your area with a ton of employees? These businesses could give you a pool of potential leads. Many larger businesses relocate employees. All of these employees need somewhere to live. Reach out to the HR departments and request a casual meeting. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you can let the company know that you’re willing to work alongside them to make their employees’ transition to a new area a bit easier. You should use the meeting with a company’s HR department to show off your local knowledge and how your can assist with the home-building process. Be prepared. Have your company’s information ready, and take a stack of marketing materials you can leave with the HR department to pass on to their employees.

9. Community Involvement

Successful homebuilders have a passion for the community. It helps enormously to know the area well and take a problem-solving attitude to everything involving the home building business. One thing technology will have a hard time replacing is relationships. Some of the most successful home builders serve on boards, volunteer their time, and attend chamber meetings. People prefer to buy from people they like and already know.

10. Ask for Referrals

They cost nothing and they build a certain level of trust in your company before a prospect has even met you. After you close a deal, always ask for a referral. If you’ve nailed a build for your client, they’re going to give you a good referral. Timing is everything. Don’t ask your client for a referral on the day they move in. Wait a couple of weeks for the dust to settle, and then ask for recommendations. Better yet, send them a memorable gift for their move-in day. If they’re foodies, send them a gift card to a restaurant, or if they’re sports fans some tickets to a game. Capitalize on your personal experiences with your clients to strike an emotional chord and land more business.

You need to be out there constantly hunting for leads, and making it known that you’re an expert home builder who can offer valuable insights that competitors fail to provide. Good luck and Happy Hunting!