The Amwood System

Put the Amwood Legacy to Work for You

Enhancing Scalability and Profit Structure

No matter your business complexity, leverage the Amwood System to help you find time efficiencies, build more homes, and impress more customers.


Searching for Scale

You've built beautiful homes, but are convinced there is a better and smarter way to build. Amwood's team will provide a roadmap to growth. We can help you create an optimized pricing structure and guide you in scalability and profitability.


Accelerate Your Growth

You've built a successful business and understand profitability. However, you would love to find a system to help you grow more quickly. Leverage the Amwood system to find advanced profitability and efficiency in scale.


Leave a Legacy

Your business is profitable and has produced many happy homeowners over the years. You see the value in what you've built with your efforts and long to pay it forward by extending your career (but at a slower pace) and/or transitioning to a successor who can build on what you've accomplished. Your reputation and name hold heavy weight in the area(s) you serve - let us provide you with the ease of operations and time efficiencies.

We want you to build smarter, not harder.


Our Peace of Mind Warranty

Simplify the Building Process

15-Day Average Delivery Schedule
  • 1
    Send us your finalized home plan.
  • 2
    We start producing your building components while you prep the job site and pour the foundation.
  • 3
    We arrive and install the home's engineered floor system, interior and exterior walls, and roof trusses.
  • 4
    You finish the house in record time and WOW your customers.

Quality Control

High-quality materials + less waste

Premium grade materials are our standard. We only source material from the best lumber mills in the U.S. and Canada.

Standardized construction method

We use Standard Work Instruction (SWI) for all manufacturing positions, ensuring consistency of quality across all production.

Tighter manufacturing tolerances

We hold ourselves to a tighter tolerance than allowed in field framing - ⅛" vs. the field's ¼"

Advanced Technology

Amwood's leading-edge machines produce panels that are built to the highest standard, ensuring our Builders' homes are built precisely square and dimensionally correct.

Time Savings

Two manufacturing plants for maximum production capacity

To best serve our extensive network of Builders, we have two component manufacturing facilities -one in Madison, WI and one in Montezuma, IA. At these locations, you will find a team of experts in Operations, Production, Truss Design, Interior Products, and more.

Production of component packages customized to your build

If your customer can dream it, we can build it.


Component packages delivered directly to your home site

There are three major components delivered to your job site: engineered floor system, interior and exterior walls, and the roof trusses. If your site has a concrete foundation, it is installed by your team prior to the delivery of the Amwood framing package. Once onsite, the shell of the panelized home can be framed and made weather-tight in a matter of days.

Framing crew accessibility

We have experienced and trained crews who travel. If you have a preferred crew, that works too! We welcome our Builders to assist in the discovery of qualified, reliable crews.

Production Efficiencies

Our systems allow us to make the most of every cut and piece of material. We batch production for maximum efficiency and stamp the material with a job number so all are accounted for. Our manufacturing plants have spaces designed for each particular section of home panel production and are produced in a climate controlled environment, helping us stay on schedule.

Custom Design Services

Whether your customer desires a completely custom-designed home or has a home plan in mind but would like added customization, our experienced architectural design team is here to assist. If your customer needs inspiration for their home, we also offer over 100 home plans that can be customized to reflect your customer's lifestyle. View our home plans here.


Military Discount Program

Resources & Support

Drafting services

All Amwood projects are drafted and designed by our Drafting department utilizing the well-known building information modeling software, Revit. This design tool allows our team to run projects more efficiently in terms of designing, analyzing, and visualizing a designated home plan.

In-house Builder support team

Each Builder is assigned to a team of individuals specific to their account. This includes a Regional Manager, a Draftsperson, as well as an Estimator. Through this holistic approach, we provide our Builders with a positive experience complete with strong communication, transparency, synergy, and efficiency.

Technical support

We live in a world that is constantly innovating, with technology at the forefront of many of our Builders' daily tasks. Whether our Builders need assistance with our Builder Portal, Buildertrend application, Amwood builder website program, and/or digital information sharing tools, we are here to help them utilize our digital programs/applications as effectively and efficiently as possible and resolve any technological problems that may arise.

Supplier offerings

Amwood has cultivated long-lasting relationships with the industry's top suppliers to ensure that only the best products are used in your home-building project.

Estimating services

Let us help you minimize the time you spend creating an estimate for each project.

Interior door & trim packages

Amwood's framing crew can help with more than just the framing package. Let us speed up the finish process with supplying you with our doors and trim package, so you can focus on other project details.


All of our Builders have access to the world's #1 construction management software and mobile app, Buildertrend. This software application is an excellent tool for communication, connecting project teams, improving project efficiency, and tracking expenses.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Chat with one of our Regional Managers today. These Amwood experts work hand-in-hand with you, acting as a resource for internal processes, efficiencies, profit structures, industry trends, and overall support. Through a quick discovery call or virtual meeting, you'll gain further insight into the Amwood System and our blueprint for your growth.

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